Fracture Mechanism in Human Teeth

Materials’ cracking is a first step of the fracture. Enamel and dentin like other materials suffering from the cracks. During life or even through the denture treatments, the damage can be started. In this work, the crack path and fracture behavior of the teeth have been monitored. It was shown that the linear elastic fracture mechanics approach (LEFM) could evaluate the fracture toughness in teeth. The vertical crack is a traditional path of the fracture. The crack due to the cyclic loading like chewing will be propagated. The understanding of failure in teeth like another solid body, aims to decrease the failure risk. In addition, gives an insight for repairing treatments. Hence, early observations of the cracks will protect the teeth. Due to the brittleness of enamel and a little toughness of dentin, the dentin-enamel margins resist the crack propagation due to their fracture toughness and the cohesive properties. The crack path in teeth was simulated using the finite element software (FE).

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