Elastic and Plastic Sections Properties and Buckling Columns in Euler Equation

Knowledge of structural stability theory is of paramount importance to the practicing structural engineer. In mапу instances, buckling is the primary consideration in the design of various structural configurations. Because of this, formal courses in this important branch of mechanics are available to students in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Mechanical Engineering at тапу institutions of higher learning. This report is intended to serve as text in such courses. The emphasis of the report is оп the fundamental concepts and оп the methodology developed through the years to solve structural stability problems. The material contained in this text is ideally suited for a two-semester Master’s level course, although with judicious deletion of topics, the text тау Ье adopted for onesemester course. Мапу problems аге associated with the design of modern structural systems. Economic factors, availability and properties of materials, interaction between the external loads (e.g. aerodynamic) and the response of the structure, dynamic and temperature effects, performance, cost, and ease of maintenance of the system аге аll problems which аге closely associated with the synthesis of these large and complicated structures. Synthesis is the branch of engineering that deals with the design of system [ог given mission. Synthesis requires the most efficient таппег of designing system (i.e., most economical, most reliable, lightest, best, and most easily maintained system), and this leads to optimization. Ап important part of system optimization is structural optimization, which is based оп the assumption that specific parameters affecting the system optimization аге given (i.e., оуегаll size and shape, performance, nonstructural weight, etc.). It сап only Ье achieved through good theoretical analyses supported Ьу well-planned and well-executed experimental investigations.

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