Electronic class” technology in teaching computer science: description and work experience


The paper describes the research of technology capabilities, “E-Class” in the pilot training to computer science in one of the secondary schools in the city of Kirkuk (Iraq). Submitted by the technology itself and all stages of the experiment, beginning with a preliminary survey of teachers and students on the use of computer technology and information networks and their relationship to information and computer technologies. The study was conducted in the experimental and control groups. Data on the conduct of pilot training using the “E-class” technology indicates that achieving significant results on the absorption of one of the discipline “Computer Science” in the framework of distance learning and a significant excess of the result compared to the control group. It is clear from the experiment that the teacher plays several important roles in e-learning. It provides direct employment of students with educational material, it creates favorable conditions for the transmission of information to all, taking into account individual differences. It manages the scientific discussion and debate in the virtual classroom. eLearning situation facilitates interaction of students. It also allows to overcome the difficult political situation that prevents attendance of school pupils.

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