Protective Effect of Fagonia Arabica (L.) against Alloxan Monohydrate-Induced Diabetes in Albino Wistar Rats

The Mono and Combined Anti-Proliferative Activity of D-Mannoheptulose and Newcastle Disease Virus Against Breast Cancer Cell Lines Targeting Glycolysis Inhibition

The anti-proliferative activity of D-mannoheptulose against breast cancer cell line through glycolysis inhibition

Propagation of oncolytic Newcastle Disease Virus in Embryonated Chicken Eggs and its Research Applications in Cell lines

Newcastle disease virus suppress glycolysis pathway and induce breast cancer cells death

Hexokinase inhibition using D‑Mannoheptulose enhances oncolytic newcastle disease virus‑mediated killing of breast cancer cells

Investigating the Impact of Managerial Commitment, Employee Integration and Training and Learning in Implementing Total Quality Management in Selected Knowledge-Based Companies

Total quality management is a tool for net production that focuses on ensuring the production of goods that comply with technical specifications and achieve customer satisfaction and include attractive benefits that are considered by managers. The purpose of this study is to investigate managerial commitment, employee integration, training and learning in order to implement comprehensive […]

Hexokinase inhibition using D-Mannoheptulose enhances oncolytic newcastle disease virus-mediated killing of breast cancer cells

Background: Most cancer cells exhibit increased glycolysis and use this metabolic pathway cell growth and proliferation. Targeting cancer cells’ metabolism is a promising strategy in inhibiting cancer cell progression. We used D-Mannoheptulose, a specific hexokinase inhibitor, to inhibit glycolysis to enhance the Newcastle disease virus anti-tumor effect. Methods: Human breast cancer cells were treated by […]

Analytical and numerical investigation of combined convection-radiation heat transfer from conical spine extended surface